Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these the same mouthguards as in the dental office ?
2. Does my Dental Insurance cover it ?
3. How long will the mouthguard last ?
4. What if my child is missing teeth ?
5. Can a mouthguard fit over braces ?
RPDS does not direct bill insurance companies. Some insurance companies do not cover mouthguards, however, you will be given a receipt with the appropriate dental code and provider unique number. Regardless of coverage, this unique service is affordable and convenient.
All mouthguards should be replaced after 1-2 years depending on the retention, thickness and comfort level. A child's mouth changes as they grow and develop and this can affect how the mouthguard will fit. The mouthguard should be at least 3mm thick, have good retention and not impede breathing ability.
If your child is missing teeth, it may be best to wait until more teeth erupt into the mouth. In the mean time, it may be best to use a boil and bite mouthguard until further growth occurs. Although areas can be accommodated for growth, custom-made mouthguards are made for that particular time when the impression is taken.
Click here for a diagram on tooth eruption
Yes. Special attention must be taken when dealing with orthodontic braces. It is important to be aware of the orthodontic treatment plan especially if teeth are being removed or moved dramatically. Custom-made mouthguards do provide protection to the more susceptible upper teeth and they will minimize the incidence of injury.
Yes. Dean Lefebvre is a Registered Dental Hygienist who is trained in the fabrication of custom-made mouthguards. Because Dean does all of the work himself, he knows the unique structures involved with every case and can spend extra attention to ensure a superior fit at an affordable price!